As the buffalo’s enjoyed walking the beach at Patong!

30 years have past since Giorgio, by chance, discovered Phuket for himself. Today the 73 years old Managing Director of the Tropica Bungalows & Restaurant arrived in the late 70th as travel manager of Neckermann travel company in Phuket.

Giorgio, born in Berlin, son of a German UNICEF representative and a Swiss – Italian mother, grew up in Switzerland, India, Africa and Berlin – he arrived where he always wanted to be namely South East Asia!

As Giorgio arrived in Phuket, 45000 people lived on the island. At that time only one developed beach existed „Patong Beach“, naked people walked along the beaches and buffalo’s made there daily walk, it was simply idyllic. Mangroves beautified the scenery and imagine, there was one telephone for the whole of Patong.

End of the 70th the Restaurant was known as „Malee‘s Seafood“ a simple Restaurant which in 1981 was renamed Bungalow & Restaurant. That is how the Tropica was born and is up to now a thought after place for tourists. The outstanding menus and the great service made its good reputation!

Today the Bungalows are still existing. The Tropica main building with inside and outside terraces has a breathtaking sea view. The sunset which has to be enjoyed with a glass of wine is unique to the Tropica!

To start with, the resort was decorated in a simple African style where the balance with nature was always kept in the foreground and is still today a garden of heaven in Patong.

30 years ago the tourists who were traveling to the Far East had no great expectations but were soon followed by more sophisticated ones and of course the expectations changed. Some complained that the resort was not up to their needs but somehow where glad to have accommodation.

Once, one of the tourists was asked how many stars the Tropica had.  Here is the answer he got.
“Stars- oh yes the Tropica has hundreds of them, no thousands of them“ for the simple reason that his bungalow had no roof .
Step by step the Tropica resort was adapted and enlarged to the expectations of the tourists.   Today among the regular customers Tropica welcomes famous actors, politicians who always come back to enjoy the delicious food and the great atmosphere. One of the regular customers, the Swiss Louis Filli from Kreuzlingen, stayed at the Tropica 50 times, who can beat that!

„ Now “ so Giorgio said, it is the 30 years anniversary of the Tropica in Patong”.
As you may know, he was the first Farang who opened a resort in Patong and experienced all the good and the bad things of life one of them being the terrible tsunami which surprised him in Khao Lak, in his new resort and challenged him for 3 and a half hours as he was washed out to the open sea. However Giorgio is a fighter and a doer. He started from scratch, rebuilt his new resort which soon was sparkling as before.

Giorgio is a founding member of the „Lion Club of Phuket Andaman Sea“ and actively supports the Phuket Sunshine Village, a foster home for children in need and a child care center for underprivileged children. Giorgio donates regularly to the PSV as well as to the donation box of the Lion Club Phuket Andaman Sea for people and children in need in Phuket!

Phuket, 30.04.2011